Seminar, Algorithm Engineering

The seminar takes place online. We will have a briefing with a discussion of the topics on Monday the 2nd November 2020, 3pm-4pm. The seminar itself will be a block seminar on the 25th - 26th Feburary 2021. Here is a link to the seminar in LSF. The material will be shared via the new Moodle. Here is a link to the course. The link to participate in the seminar is shared is here.

More lecture details:

Content: The seminar covers recent topics in Algorithm Engineering. In particular, we will look at recent publications of the best conferences of the field at the moment.

Recommended (not necessary):
Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen (IAD),
Effiziente Algorithmen I (IEA1)

Leistungspunkte: 4 LP

Duration: one semester

Teaching mode: 2 SWS seminar (in English)

Workload: 120h; thereof 30h learning in class, 90h talk and report preparation.

Passing the course: Regular participation in the seminar and discussion. Giving a talk of roughly 60 minutes (including discussion) in English and a written report (also in English) of roughly 10 pages.

B.Sc. Angewandte Informatik,
Lehramt Informatik,
M.Sc. Angewandte Informatik