Proseminar, Proofs from The Book

Paul Erdős liked to talk about The Book, in which God maintains the perfect proofs for mathematical theorems, following the dictum of G. H. Hardy that there is no permanent place for ugly mathematics. Erdős also said that you need not believe in God but, as a mathematician, you should believe in The Book. A couple of decade ago, he started to write up a first (and very modest) approximation to The Book. He was enthusiastic about the idea and, characteristically, went to work immediately, filling page after page with his suggestions. Here is a link to the PDF of The Book .

The proseminar covers specific chapters of this book. The proseminar may take place in presence or online (depending no the Corona situtation). We will have a briefing with a introduction and the scheme of the proseminar. This will happen on first week of the semester, on Monday the 18th October 2021, 4:30pm-5pm. The link to participate in the proseminar is here. The proseminar will take place Tuesdays from 4:15pm to 5:45pm. Proseminar slots will be assigned after the initial briefing.